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Maintenance method of die casting machine accessories

Note: Die-casting machine parts should be placed in a dry place to avoid water rupture.

Operation and maintenance method of die casting machine accessories material spoon

①The tools such as the material spoon should be soaked in the gold-opening solution for a short time to reduce the corrosion of the tools by the gold-opening solution.

②Material spoons and other tools that directly fight with the gold-opening liquid, heating electric equipment should be painted to reduce the degradation of the gold-opening liquid on the tools such as the metal spoon, and reduce the opportunity for the gold-opening liquid to reduce the amount of iron.

③The newly painted tools should be dried by the fireside before operation. Anodized dyes are used to help the paint to form a strong protective film on the tools.

④If the machine is sufficient, the standby time in the furnace of the titanium-zirconium product factory is not too low, the anode dye is used to reduce the time when the spoon is soaked in the gold opening solution, and the time when the soup wall is baked at the lower temperature in the furnace .

(1) Clean up the debris on the machine and all the dust and dirt on the sliding surface, lubricate the non-automatically lubricated sliding friction surface, and check to keep the oil volume in the lubricating oil tank normal;

(2) Check the liquid level and pipeline in the hydraulic oil (liquid) tank for leakage, and whether the connecting fasteners are loose;

(3) Check whether the pressure gauge indication is normal, whether the safety device and the travel switch are normal;

(4) Check whether the pressure, hydraulic oil (liquid) temperature and color of the hydraulic system are normal;

(5) Check whether the automatic lubrication system is working normally, especially the lubrication of toggle pin sleeves;

(6) Check the damage of the pressure chamber and punch, and clean and lubricate in time;

(7) Check whether the cooling system is normal;

(8) Check the machine for abnormal vibration and noise during operation, and deal with it in time.

Causes of porosity in die casting machine parts

1. The speed of the inner gate is too high, the turbulent movement is excessive, and the metal flow is seriously involved in the gas

2. The cross-sectional area of ​​the inner gate is too small and the jetting is serious

3. The position of the inner gate is unreasonable. After passing the inner gate, the metal immediately hits the profile wall, generating vortex, and the gas is engulfed in the metal flow

4. The position of the exhaust duct is incorrect, and the cross-sectional area is not enough, resulting in poor exhaust conditions

5. Large machines die-cast small parts, and the pressure chamber is too small, especially on horizontal cold die-casting machines.

6. The design of the casting is unreasonable: a. There are parts that are difficult to vent in the casting; b. The wall thickness of the local part is too thick

7. The processing volume of the surface to be processed is too large, which increases the wall thickness too much

8. The molten metal contains too much gas

There are two types of pores for die-casting machine parts. One is a hole with a bright and smooth inner surface and a relatively regular shape formed by metal entrained in gas when filling. The other is that the alloy is not smelted correctly or insufficiently, and the gas is melted in the alloy. During die-casting, the chill is very severe and solidification is very fast. The gas melted in the metal is too late to precipitate, leaving the gas in the metal in the casting to form holes. The pores in the die casting machine parts are mainly formed by the gas drawn into the cavity by the metal, and most of the gas is air.

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