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Die casting machine barrel

Die casting machine barrel

Dongguan Chengda Machinery Parts Co., Ltd. specializes in the research and development, production, processing and sales of "professional equipment spare parts": manufacturers. Such as die casting machine accessories, (125T-4000T cold chamber die casting machine barrel, melting cup, pressure chamber, punch; hot chamber magnesium alloy die casting machine pot, hammer, steel ring, etc.), mold accessories (mold thimble, shunt cone , Sprue sleeves, etc.), food machinery accessories, packaging machine accessories, engineering machinery accessories, various tooling fixtures, semi-automatic special equipment, etc. are our main products currently in production.

The company has a modern standard factory building of more than 3000 square meters, as well as a large number of advanced and professional machining production equipment and various high-precision testing instruments and equipment. At present, the company has more than 60 employees, including many middle and senior engineers, and several senior technicians who have worked in the die casting industry.

The main customers that our company currently supports are: Guangzhou Dongfeng Nissan, Zhengzhou Dongfeng Nissan, Hebei Aisin, Foshan Aisin, Taiyuan Foxconn, Guangzhou Denso, Guangdong Hongtu, Hongtai, Hongte, Nantong Hongtai, Dongguan Yi'an, Guangzhou Honda, etc.

1. Use Fushun electroslag remelting H13 or SKD61 material.

2. The inner hole grinding adopts deep hole internal cylindrical grinding, and the inner hole grinding does not connect the knife. It can be completed at one time, and the finish can reach more than 0.8; the external cylindrical grinding adopts through-mandrel grinding, and the roundness of the inner hole is the same as that of the inner hole. Axial degree, perpendicularity, etc. work 100% to meet the requirements of the drawings.

3. Heat treatment adopts vacuum high temperature quenching (1030°C~1050°C), secondary high temperature tempering (HRC42°~46°); surface treatment adopts glow ion nitriding (nitriding layer 0.25~0.30mm) , HV≥900~950 (equivalent to HRC62°~65°), the bottom layer has high hardness, high surface hardness, and the inner hole is not easy to be strained; it has good heat resistance, thermal fatigue resistance, and liquid metal erosion resistance.

4. The largest injection chambers we process are:

Ø101.6*167* within Ø40.

Ø260*1080*within Ø160

Ø340*1100* within Ø150.

Ø300*1275* Ø150 within.

The maximum service life of the injection chamber has reached more than 100,000 mold times. The product has the characteristics of stable performance, wear resistance, less deformation, and long service life.

5. The production cycle is 5-7 working days.

6. All businesses are welcome to submit pictures and samples to order; sincerely welcome everyone to visit the company to guide and learn from each other, thank you! !

Inlet barrel (injection chamber, melting cup, barrel)

Basic parameters

Die casting machine brand


Processing equipment

Heat treatment process

Surface hardness (HRC)



Li Jin


Precision CNC machining

Vacuum quenching, nitriding


Fushun electroslag remelting H13 or SKD61 material

One ​​year or one hundred thousand mold times







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