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How to improve the working ability of die casting machine

The clamping speed of the die-casting machine is controlled by five nearby Kyrgyzstan mounted on the clamping column frame. They are: mold opening termination, mold opening fast and slow rotation, mold clamping low pressure, mold clamping High pressure, mold clamping is terminated. Through these five Kyrgyzstan systems, the pressure, speed and distance of the template movement can be controlled. In order to make the clamping action fast and stable during the mold clamping process, the machine is equipped with pressure and speed control. First, let's look at the pressure control of the mold clamping process. The pressure control sets three pressures, which are mold clamping pressure, mold clamping low pressure, and mold clamping high pressure.

The clamping pressure is used in the front part of the clamping, that is, from the end of the mold opening to the low pressure stage. The pressure is used to make the middle template move quickly under the action of the clamping pressure. The clamping pressure is set to It is controlled by the clamping pressure dial code on the panel of the electric box, but the clamping pressure needs to be set according to the size of the mold. When the mold has a large movement resistance, the pressure can be increased appropriately, and when the mold is small, it is appropriate Reduce the pressure. Generally, the clamping pressure is set between 40-50.

In the middle part of the mold clamping, that is, from the low pressure Kyrgyzstan system to the high pressure Kyrgyzstan system, the pressure used is the low pressure mold clamping pressure. The low pressure is set to protect the mold. As we all know, in the automatic production process of the machine, It is often encountered that the product does not fall off and the product hangs in the mold. At this time, if the mold is still closed with a large clamping pressure, the mold cavity will be damaged due to the extrusion of the product, so we must Set low pressure protection in this section. The low pressure protection time is controlled by the time set inside the computer. When the low pressure induction Kyrgyzstan system senses, the system pressure will switch to mold clamping low pressure. At this time, if there are foreign objects in the mold, the template will be blocked. The speed slows down and stops. When it reaches the time set in the computer and still does not sense the high pressure of the mold-locking system, the computer will alarm or open the mold. The low pressure setting cannot be too high, otherwise the low pressure protection effect will be lost. Under normal circumstances, the low pressure dial setting is between 3 and 4. In the post-clamping section, that is, the high-pressure Kyrgyzstan system to the end of the mold-clamping section in the figure, the pressure used is the mold-locking high pressure, that is, the total pressure and the mold. This pressure is set by the total pressure dial code. , Why do we use total pressure clamping here? We know that the characteristic of die-casting molding is to fill the molten alloy liquid into the cavity in a high-pressure and rapid manner, which will inevitably produce a greater impact in the cavity. If greater pressure is not used to lock the mold, It is very likely that the product may flare up due to inadequate clamping. In severe cases, the phenomenon of flying materials may even occur. The size of the high-pressure clamping force is generally set according to the size of the mold, the projected area of ​​the product and the size of the punching pressure. When setting, the smaller the pressure setting is, the better, because the pressure is too adjusted. If it is high, it will not only affect the exhaust of the mold, but also cause the hinge to be subjected to high pressure for a long time and affect its service life.

Next, we analyze the control of the clamping speed. Please see the picture for the control of the clamping speed. There are two speeds in the picture, namely, normal-speed mold-locking and slow-speed mold-locking, from mold opening to low pressure. The Kyrgyzstan section adopts constant-speed mold clamping, and its speed is controlled by adjusting the flow rate of the constant-slow valve. In the production process, the mold clamping speed directly affects the production efficiency of the machine and the service life of the machine. Being able to adjust properly has a more obvious effect on shortening the clamping time. When adjusting, it should not be too fast or too slow. Generally, it is advisable for the machine to run smoothly.

From the low-pressure Kyrgyzstan system to the high-pressure Kyrgyzstan system, slow mold clamping is used, and the purpose is also to protect the mold and avoid the mold from being impacted, because the faster the speed, the greater the impact.

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